Political Parties, Elections, And Democracy In Changing World

A political party is one of the real form of the passage of the democratic system in a country. The concept of democracy from the people by the people and for the people greatly help the realization of public welfare. Development of a democratic political system and typically would be in line with the smooth development programs in the State.

kuliah-tamu-political-partiesPolitical Parties as an organization or a house where politicians dikader is something that is very important and very vital impact for the course of democracy in a country’s political system. In accordance with in the Act no. 2 in 2008, explaining that a political party is an organization which is national will and ideals to fight for and defend the interests of members of political, community, nation and state, and to maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution Political parties are communicating media between the government and the public, or otherwise. Political parties collect and process all forms of aspiration or public complaints to be submitted to the government through its cadres. So that policies made by the government is a correct policy – in line with what the people need.

Democracy in Indonesia to make society as people who understand the politics. Judging from the development, from time to time, democracy in Indonesia runs the better. In 2004 it has been held presidential elections which elected directly by the people. Proven on direct presidential elections were the first time brings the feel warm enough democracy to happen for re-election because no candidate reached more than 50%. This indicates that the voice of the people of Indonesia are very alert and consistent in their choice. But the trouble is getting the political into the game specific to the interests of a class, is no longer the people’s interests.

In this guest lecture, Governance Studies Program of UB presents Dr. Andrew Garner of Wyoming University (USA). On the occasion, Andrew explained on Democracy and politics is very influential to the development of a country, because of the level of public legitimacy of the leader is crucial kesuksessan leadership. But if it turns out what the public has entrusted to the leader or leadership misused deemed unsatisfactory, the people will be disappointed and show a sense of disappointment with some resistance, this is why democracy and politics is very influential to change the world.

The objective of this guest lecture to give an insight or understanding to students, especially of Government about the diversity of political party systems in various regions around the world, including the role of political parties in the development and changes of the world. Students will be more understanding about the various forms of political systems in several countries around the world is also about sustainability, functionality, and how much influence political parties to change the World.

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